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S.NoProject IdProject TitleProject Investigator Name/AddressCOProject Investigator Name/AddressStart Date Duration
61BT/PR4452/AAQ/3/584/2012Characterization and maintenance of cell lines of fish and crabProf. Riji John

Rosalind George

00-00-00002Years 0Months
62BT/PR4567/AAQ/03/219/2003Molecular mechanisms of gonadal differentiation in fish Tracing candidate marker genes to monitor prinordial germn cell proliferation and gametogenesisProf. B Senthilkumaran

00-00-00003Years 0Months
63BT/PR4602/AAQ/03/221/2004Applicability of cell-bound phytase of yeast Pichia anomala in improving growth of fresh water fishes Rohu (Labeo rohita) and magur (Clarias batrachus).Prof. T Satyanarayana

00-00-00003Years 0Months
64BT/PR4689/AAQ/03/223/2004Isolation; characterization and efficacy of bacteriophage against pathogenic Pseudomonas and Flavobacterial assoicated with bacterial fish disease; for therapeutic uses in aquaculture.Dr. Yogendra Prasad

00-00-00003Years 0Months
65BT/PR5489/AAQ/03/245/2004Cellular and molecular mechanisms of regeneration in Zebrafish spinal cord.Dr. Sukla Ghosh

00-00-00003Years 0Months
66BT/PR5606/AAQ/03/237/2004Training Programme in molecular biology for personnel involved in works pertaining to aquaculture/marine biologyDr. Rakesh K Mishra

00-00-00003Years 0Months
67BT/PR5722/AAQ/03/239/2005Gane expression in Penaeus monodon and Penaeus indicus in relation to microbial infection and environmental stress.Dr. T C Santiago

00-00-00004Years 0Months
68BT/PR5772/AAQ/03/241/2005Microsatellite markers for genetic variability studies in Penaeus (Fenneropeaeus) indicusDr. A Goplalakrishnan

00-00-00003Years 0Months
69BT/PR6266/AAQ/03/251/2005Micropropagation and selection of improved germplasm for cultivation of Gracilaria dura C Agardh J Agardh producing quality agar/agarose for high end applications.Dr. CRK Reddy Reddy

Kamlesh Prasad

00-00-00003Years 0Months
70BT/PR6517/AAQ/03/255/2005Development and characterization of cell lines from grouper (Epinephelus tauvia); carp and catfishDr. R R Bhonde

00-00-00003Years 0Months