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S.NoProject IdProject TitleProject Investigator Name/AddressCOProject Investigator Name/AddressStart Date Duration
51BT/PR14628/AAQ/03/537/2010Identification and evaluation of reproductive traits and genetic structure of Ompok bimaculatus in IndiaDr. U K Sarkar

Ravindra Kumar

00-00-00003Years 0Months
52BT/PR14777/AAQ/03/541/2010Marine carotenoids as nutraceuticals for alleviating agerelated macular degeneration and retinol deficiency induced biochemical changesDr. V Baskaran

N Baskaran

00-00-00003Years 0Months
53BT/PR14850/AAQ/03/542/2010Induction of ecdysteroidogenesis and MF synthesis by serotonin and melatonin to enhance growth and reproduction in edible crab scylla serrate: and alternative to eyestalk ablationDr. P Sreenivasula Reddy

Y Suneetha

00-00-00003Years 0Months
54BT/PR15414/AAQ/03/555/2011Molecular mechanisms and steroidal control of reproductive maturation in the commercially important shrimp Penaeus monodonDr. C P Balasubramanian

Syama Dayal

00-00-00003Years 0Months
55BT/PR3489/AAQ/03/167/2002Characterisation of superoxide dismutases SODs from halophiles understanding possible role of the enzyme in salt toleranceDr. BP Shaw

00-00-00003Years 0Months
56BT/PR3992/AAQ/03/202/2003Modulation of specific down stream signaling of Crustacean ecdysteroidogenesis to enhance growth-An alternative to eyestalk ablation.Dr. Niranjali Devaraj

S Niranjali

00-00-00003Years 0Months
57BT/PR4012/AAQ/03/204/2003Programme Support in Marine BiotechnologyProf. IS Bright Singh

A V Saramma

00-00-00003Years 0Months
58BT/PR4013/AAQ/03/205/2003Programme Support on Fisheries BiotechnologyDr. Kapaettu Satyamoorthy

00-00-00003Years 0Months
59BT/PR4190/AAQ/03/204/2003Discovering antimalarials from marine organismsDr. K Padmakumar

C Usha Devi

00-00-00001Years 0Months
60BT/PR4275/AAQ/03/216/2003Development of Immunodiagnositc kits for viral diseases of freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergiiDr. K P Prasad

SC Mukherjee

00-00-00003Years 0Months