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S.NoProject IdProject TitleProject Investigator Name/AddressCOProject Investigator Name/AddressStart Date Duration
21BT/PR10783/AAQ/03/413/2008Genetic functional study of regeneration in ascidians based on transcriptomics and proteomics study.Dr. Mohammed ldris

Rakesh K Mishra

00-00-00004Years 0Months
22BT/PR11181/AAQ/03/418/2008Recovery of marine carotenoids by biotechnological approaches and their application in AquacultureDr. NM Sachindra

P V Suresh

00-00-00003Years 0Months
23BT/PR11263/AAQ/03/419/2008Identification of candidate genes/ factors susceptible to endocrine disruptors that affect reproduction Functional genomics and proteomics approach.Prof. B Senthilkumaran

Aparna Dutta Gupta

00-00-00003Years 4Months
24BT/PR11423/AAQ/03/421/2008Role of melatonin in gonadal maturation in Indian Carp; Catla catla.Dr. Saumen Kumar Maitra

Sudipta Maitra

00-00-00003Years 9Months
25BT/PR11479/AAQ/03/423/2008Establishing the ultra low speed rotating disk bioreactor (RDBR) as a niche-mimic reactor for cultivation of biofilm-forming marine/estuarine microorganismsDr. Joydeep Mukherjee

Ratan Gachhui

00-00-00003Years 0Months
26BT/PR11531/AAQ/03/428/2008Molecular characterization of toll like Receptors (TL Rs-2;3;4;9) in Indian major carp; Catla catlaDr. G S Brah

00-00-00003Years 9Months
27BT/PR11541/AAQ/03/432/2008Value added biopolymers from shrimp wasteDr. G Muraleedhara kurup

Arun A Rauf

00-00-00003Years 0Months
28BT/PR11553/AAQ/03/434/2008Isolation and characterization of primary and secondary metabolites from marine fauna associated marine bacteria.Dr. yogesh S Shouche

00-00-00003Years 0Months
29BT/PR11554/AAQ/03/435/2008Studies on Isolation; cloning and production of Industrially important cold adaptive enzymes from marine extremophiles.Dr. KRS Sambasiva Rao

P Krishna Kanth

00-00-00003Years 0Months
30BT/PR11579/AAQ/03/445/2008Development of in vitro cell and fragment cultures of marine sponges: to produce bio production like collagen and secondary metabolites.Dr. J Venkateswara Rao

S V Kalivendi

00-00-00003Years 0Months