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S.NoProject IdProject TitleProject Investigator Name/AddressCOProject Investigator Name/AddressStart Date Duration
101BT/PR9694/AAQ/03/355/2007Development and characterization of cell lines form Etroplu for virological and toxicological applications.Dr. R R Bhonde

00-00-00003Years 0Months
102BT/PR9866/AAQ/03/357/2007Development of Multiplex PCR for the simultaneous detection of bacterial pathogens Salmonella; Vibrio cholerae and E.coli in fish and fishery productsProf. G Jeyasekaran

R Jeya Shakila

00-00-00003Years 6Months
103BT/PR9912/AAQ/03/359/2007Development of DNA based vaccine against Aeromonas spp. employing conserved outer membrane porin gene (lamB).Prof. Aparna Dixit

00-00-00004Years 0Months
104BT/PR9916/AAQ/03/360/2007Construction and analysis of Expressed Sequence Tag libraries for rohu (Labeo rohita Ham.)Dr. Samiran Nandi

00-00-00003Years 0Months