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91BT/PR9272/AAQ/03/334/2007Disease resistance in giant Black Tiger shrimp; Penaeus monodonDr. Nripendranath Mandal

00-00-00003Years 0Months
92BT/PR9275/AAQ/03/335/2007Production of monoclonal anitbodies to serum immunoglobulins of Ophicoephalus striatus and Labeo rohita and their application in immunoassaysDr. Neeraj Sood

00-00-00003Years 0Months
93BT/PR9326/AAQ/03/339/2007Derivation and characterization of fish embryonic stem cells.Dr. P Routray

00-00-00003Years 0Months
94BT/PR9332/AAQ/03/340/2007Exploring in vitro culture and characterization of spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs) of Indian major carp; Labeo rohita (Hamilton)Dr. Hirak Kumar Barman

00-00-00003Years 0Months
95BT/PR9415/AAQ/03/344/2007Development of DNA vaccine to combat Edwardsiella tarda infection in commercially important food fishes.Dr. Rakesh K Mishra

P Swain

00-00-00003Years 0Months
96BT/PR9474/AAQ/03/345/2007Quality evaluation and application of fish industry waste lipids recovered through biotechnologial approaches.Dr. N Bhaskar

00-00-00004Years 3Months
97BT/PR9513/AAQ/03/346/2007Molecular studies on HUFA synthesizing capability in rohu (Labeo rohita)Dr. Samiran Nandi

00-00-00003Years 0Months
98BT/PR9528/AAQ/03/347/2007Construction of autotransgene(s) having growth hormone gene constitutive promoter from Indian major carps and Chinese carps.Dr. Rakesh K Mishra

K Ravinder

00-00-00002Years 0Months
99BT/PR9540/AAQ/03/351/2007Regulattion of IDO gene and association of its polymorphism in the causation of cataract and use of natural inhibitors from marine sponges as anti cataractous agentsProf. T Naga Raju

00-00-00003Years 0Months
100BT/PR9632/AAQ/03/354/2007Smart pond management system for freshwater aquacultureDr. Shashikant Sadistap

00-00-00004Years 0Months