Last modified on: 04/02/2016
Scientists successfully revive animal frozen 30 years ago


        Scientists have succeeded in bringing a frozen animal back to life after 30 years, it has been reported. Japan's National Institute of Polar Research says that their scientists have succeeded in reviving the 'tardigrade' animal which they had collected in Antartica. The creatures, which are known as 'water bears' or 'moss piglets' are miniscule, water dwelling "extremophiles" measuring less than 1mm in length and dwelling in extreme and hostile conditions. They are capable of slowing down or shutting down their metabolic activities for considerable periods of time. According to the research, which was published in Cryobiology magazine, the tardigrades were found among moss plants in the Antarctica in 1983. They were removed and stored at minus 20 degrees Celsius. They were successfully unfrozen in May 2014. An egg and a living animal were revived. The latter began moving and consuming food after a fortnight. The egg laid have been successfully hatched and no defects or anomalies were reported amongst the hatched newborns.


                                                                          - Source : Times of India