Last modified on: 28/09/2015
News On Fish Too Look After Their Partners...


        Times of India, Delhi reported a news item on fish too look after their partners. It is said that when it comes to helping each other out, it turns out that some fish are better at it than previously thought as researchers have found that pairs of rabbitfish cooperate and support each other while feeding. While such behaviour has been documented for highly social birds and mammals, it has previously been believed to be impossible for fish. It is reported that "The rabbitfish pairs coordinate their vigilance activity quite strictly, thereby providing safety for their foraging partner," by Simon Brandl from Australian Research Council's Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies. "In other words, one partner stays `on guard' while the other feeds -these fishes literally watch each others' back"



                                                                – Source; Times of India dated: 27.09.2015