Last modified on: 13/04/2015
Developments in Marine Biology & Biotechnology at International Level . .

Dear Investigator(s)/ Scientists,


       You may like to know that under the broad area of Science and Technology, an MoU in the field of Science & Technology between Department of Science & Technology of India and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) has been signed for cooperation between the two countries in the areas of applied mathematics, physics, Information & communication technology, water resources and environment, life sciences, astronomy, climate and energy by exchange of information, organization of meetings/workshops/seminars, exchange of research personnel; joint projects; establishment of Virtual Joint Laboratories, and establishment of Joint Research Centres.



       This also includes MoU between Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, CNRS and UPMC on Collaboration for establishment of a National Institute of Marine Biology and Biotechnology in India. With the implementation of proposed MoU it is likely to establish a National Institute of Marine Biology and Biotechnology in India, with a Hub and Spoke network of laboratories spanning India's marine regions from the Andaman to Lakshadweep.




- Dr. A. S. Ninawe, Advisor, DBT