Last modified on: 13/04/2015
Promoting Youngsters in Aquaculture & Marine Biotechnology Programme of DBT


Dear Project Investigators,


     I am writing this to all of you, to encourage the young Investigator(s)/ Scientists working in Marine Biology/Biotechnology area to formulate good proposals under your mentorship. With our day to day review process it has been observed that youngsters lacks guidance and therefore they are not able to put up good proposals to DBT for sanction.


        You are aware that DBT has already launched a website on Marine Programme ( to popularize DBT activities among the scientific community including target group of marine biologist and biotechnologist to know what has been happening in this area and the excitements in ocean sciences and for its promotional activities.


      We request you to provide a strong platform to the youngsters to utilize their capability and expertise and encourage the youngsters to submit good proposals under the programme area Aquaculture & Marine biotechnology. Please also advise them to take the advantage of DBT schemes available for the youngsters YIBA and RGYI (




- Dr. A. S. Ninawe