Last modified on: 24/12/2014
Functioning of Task Forces in DBT...


This is regarding the functioning of the Task Forces in DBT. The department has finalized the guidelines for functioning of the Task Force Committees and now it has been implemented dedicatedly. As per the revised mechanism in all the projects (new, ongoing and completed), No Project Investigators are being called for the presentation, whether it is a low budgeted or high costing. Therefore, the total responsibility lies with the Task Force Committee. The progress in the ongoing projects will be invited as usual and PI will be asked to send soft copies directly to the Committee Members both for ongoing, completed and even for any other issues like request for additional cost, extension as per the existing proformas. Similarly the new proposals soft copies submitted by the PI (Mandatory to submit online as per DBT e-ProMIS system) will also be sent to the Committee members well in advance and hard copies will be circulated during the meeting by the DBT Programme Division/ Secretariat.


In respect of all the nature of projects, among all the TF Members, two members will be identified by DBT secretariat (programme advisor and member secretary) and they will be assigned the job well in advance to study the new, ongoing progress report and completed project report. The assigned members will submit the written comments on the projects (new, ongoing and completed projects) during the meeting to the committee to take the final decision on its sanctioning, continuation of the project for the next year, acceptance of the project completion report and also various other issues.