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Last modified on: 30/10/2014
Future Conferences on Aquaculture

1. Latin American & Caribbean Aquaculture 2014 – Guadalajara,
Mexico – November 5-7, 2014.

This event is being organized by the Latin American & Caribbean chapter of the World Aquaculture Society. Deadline abstract submission extended till end of September.
For More Detail: www.was.org*
. Still booths available: contact *mario@marevent.com*

2. **Aquaculture America 2015 – New Orleans, USA*
* February 19-22, 2015.*

The Annual event in the US, being organized by the World Aquaculture Society. Time to submit your abstract and to book your booth.
< http://www.marevent.com/lists/lt.php?id=bUoLAlUBBgkBGA0MHgACAwQA>

3. **Middle East Aquaculture Forum – Dubai, UAE*
*April 5-6, 2015.*

The Middle East Aquaculture Forum (MEAF) has been created to bring
together aquaculture industry experts and academics from the Middle
East, to showcase the latest products and offer industry professionals
a state-of-the-art platform to interact. The Organizing Committee
would like to invite all ME producers/farmers, suppliers, and other
industry professionals to the DWTC, Dubai, UAE to attend this unique
forum.Time to submit your abstract and to book your booth.


4. **World Aquaculture 2015 – Jeju Island, Korea
* May 26-30,2015.*
The International Aquaculture event organized by the World Aquaculture
Society.Tim to submit your abstract and book your booth.*www.was.org*
< http://www.marevent.com/lists/lt.php?id=bUoLAlUBBgkBGA0MHgACAwQA>

5. **WA15 AquaForum 2015 – Jeju Island, Korea
*May 26, 2015

The World Aquaculture Society is proud to announce the 1stAquaForum during a World Aquaculture Event. The International conference and trade show on Aquaculture, World Aquaculture 2015, Jeju, Korea, will enhance industry participation by incorporating the newly organized AquaForum. Translation English, Chinese, Korean provided.
The 1st AquaForum has been created to benefit industry professionals during the WA15 conference and exhibition. The organizing committee invites Asian farmers, suppliers, and other industry professionals to Jeju, Korea to attend this forum.
Info: www.marevent.com/aquaforum