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Aquaculture & Marine Biotechnology has been the subject of great importance not only because of the need for sustainable utilization of the vast marine resources to feed billions of people in this world but also due to the potential for discovery of new products and processes of economic importance through the rich biodiversity that is yet to be fully understood and exploited. Apart from contributing to high quality and healthy aqua-food, nutraceuticals and medicinal products (anti-cancer and antimicrobials), this sector is expected to contribute to sustainable alternative source of energy (biofuel from microalgae) and products for maintenance of environmental health. Advances in tools for bioprospecting and gene sequencing have opened up new avenues for discovery of biomolecules and their exploitation for developing a bio-economy (blue-economy). The potential for the growth of Marine Biotechnology is, therefore, even more relevant now than it was in the past and a sound strategy for its development in India is being addressed by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India sustainably harness the resources and realise their full potential. Thus, Marine Biotechnology is capable of making important contributions towards meeting impending challenges in food and nutrition security, healthcare, energy, environment and in adaptation to climate change.


The Department of Biotechnology recognised the importance of aquaculture and marine biotechnology over three decades ago and has been supporting research in this area, which has led to commercialised technologies and leads with potential for translation to benefit the biotechnology industry in India. DBT has been supporting both individual scientists as well as networks of institutions, which has led to development of centers of excellence and building of a broad base of scientific and technical expertise that can support both academics and industry and lead to the development of a globally competetive sector in India.




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Dr. A.S. Ninawe, 

Advisor, Department of Biotechnology

Room No. 603, 6th Floor Block 3,

CGO Complex Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003



Dr. Shahaj Uddin Ahmed

Scientist “D” Department of Biotechnology

Room No 521, 5th Floor Block 3,

CGO Complex Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003